It’s a new year. So we put a fresh coat of paint on the website.

Good news is, registration is now open. Cost this year is $60 per wrestler.

Where is all that money going?

  • Insurance for the Club (We need it to rent facilities)
  • Administrative costs (Like this website, paper, pen, postage, advertising)
  • Uniforms for the wrestlers
  • Operating Costs (Mat Cleaner, Med Kits, maybe a dodge ball or two)

We plan on having fun this year. Couple of cool new things we got planned for this season!

  • Free wrestling league competitions on Select Saturdays and Sundays for EVERYONE! (No more $200 tournament bills to compete (But we still have some if you want to do that too!)
  • Social outings as a team to F&M and Millersville. We’ll get a tour of the local collegiate wrestling facilities and then watch them take on the opponent!
  • We dropped a boatload of cash to get brand new wrestling uniforms for everyone! You can’t keep them, but you can wrestle in them for the year!
  • More Dodge Balls. Because Dodge Ball is the second best sport out there (After wrestling of course!)

Final note: Be advised that headgear will be required to compete in all league meets this year. Wrestling shoes are still optional, but recommended.

4 thoughts on “Welcome to the 2017-2018 Season!

    1. We have not yet set a hard cut off date for Sign-Ups. However, we’d like to see as many people as possible sign up by Nov 8th so that we can submit our gear order in a timely manner.


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