Congrats to our 31 wrestlers from Sunday’s FVL NW Regional Qualifier that qualified for Saturday’s FVL Championships!

Carter Reyes
Declan Haines
Ethan Corcoran
Gaddiel Rodriguez
Josh Zook
Patton Devonshire
Robert Cruz
2nd Place:
Alex Ortiz-Castro
Bryce Bosley
Chase Harnish
Ethan Farmer
Javien Agee-Plowden
Jose Cortes
Landon Marsh
3rd Place:
Asher Zug
Benjamin Paterson
Logan Nichols
Sawyer Trimble
4th Place:
Kenay Reyes
Landon Hensel
Robert Groff
Verik Kleinhaus
Wesley Carville
5th Place:
Lincoln Yackanech
Luxton Leet
Rylee Fryberger
William McClung
6th Place:
Brian Bowmaster
Coen Grager
Dalton Dearolf
Hayden Brown
Also Congrats to our 6U Wrestlers who finished their season strong!
Wesley Clark (2nd)
Alexander Haun (4th)
Bradley Ciampanelli (6th)
Dylan Keasey (6th)
Ryan Fellenbaum (4th)
Alexander McCormack (6th)