FVL NW Regional Qualifier
When: Saturday February 26th
Where: Cedar Crest High School

Weigh-Ins: All Wrestlers MUST weigh in.
Weigh-In Time:
Friday February 25th 5:00pm-7:30pm
Weigh-In Location:
Cedar Crest Field House located just outside the football stadium behind the endzone. The building is located across from the auditorium parking lot.

*Drive in through the main high school entrance, you’ll see the football stadium on the right, with a small building just in front of it. That is the field house.

*3 scales: 2 tenths pound given for male wrestlers undergarments & 4 tenths for female undergarments

*If weight is not made after 2 attempts, wrestler will have the opportunity to bump up to the next weight but lose any seeding abilities

Wrestling Starts: All Age Groups start at 9am

There is a $20 registration fee for each wrestlers that enters this tournament. Only wrestlers that have entered 2 FVL events should register for this event. This is an open tournament for league participants.

Top 6 from 8U, 10U, and 12U will advance to the FVL Championships on Saturday March 5th at Garden Spot.

This will serve as the final tournament for 6U wrestlers. If a 6U wrestler wishes to compete for a league title at Garden Spot, they must enter the 8U Division.

PMWC Coaches reserve the right to make final calls on weight class registration for wrestlers. We will not condone weight cutting for this tournament series.