Dual Team Practice Days: TBD

Dual Team Competitions (Tentative) 2023-2024:

  • Saturday January 20th 2024 at State College

Purpose: Penn Manor Wrestling Club will field a dual team to compete against dual teams from other schools and clubs. The purpose of the team is to foster a collaborative and competitive spirit between teammates, while teaching the athletes how to compete as a team. This is a competition focused effort. The goal is to win
matches as a team.

Eligibility: Any PMWC athlete in good standing with the club currently assigned to the Gold or Blue groups in grades 2nd-6th are eligible to participate with the dual team. Athletes currently assigned to the White or Grey groups or athletes younger than the current grade requirements may only participate on the dual team with an invitation from the Dual Team Head Coach.

Competitive Structure: Much like a travel baseball team or high school wrestling team, athletes will compete internally on the team for starting spots and seeding position on the depth chart at each weight class.

  • At the beginning of the season, all dual team members will compete in a wide-ranging tournament.
  • Tournament will be officiated by paid referees. Score keeping and match time will be kept by coaches or another neutral party.
  • Round Robin format will be used for weight classes with multiple wrestlers.
  • At the coach’s discretion, match-ups between different weight classes will be contested
  • During the season, coaches will open competition for wrestlers looking to improve their seeding on
    the depth chart at a given weight class.
  • Matches will be officiated by a coach of the PMWC
  • Wrestlers do not have to challenge, but if challenged they must compete or forfeit their seeding on the depth chart.
  • Wrestle-offs will be best of 3, with the challenger needing to win the first match and 2 of 3 to be successful in the challenge.
  • Challengers may only challenge the wrestles directly above them on the depth chart. For example, a challenger ranked #4 must successfully challenge #3 before moving on to challenge #2 and #1 respectively.
  • Challengers may challenge one weight class up. In doing so, they must start their challenge at the bottom of the depth chart for that weight class

Wrestling in Dual Team Competition: Wrestling on a dual team requires maximum effort by all athletes to achieve the team’s true potential. Below are a few items expected of all participants on a dual team.

  • Attendance at Dual Team practices
  • A willingness to lead, encourage, and support teammates
  • Exemplary sportsmanship
  • Mandatory use of headgear and wrestling shoes in Dual Team competition (Even if the tournament does not require it)
  • Making weight at weigh-ins
  • A willingness to sacrifice for the good of the team

Starting Lineups: The goal for the Dual Team is to wrestle competitively as a team at a high level, and ultimately, to win. With that in mind, starting positions are not guaranteed. Each starting lineup will be at the sole discretion of the Head Coach and coaching staff. Factors that go into making starting lineup decisions are:

  • Depth Chart as established during wrestle-offs
  • Wrestlers’ work ethic during practice
  • Wrestlers’ representation of the Club at competitions, school, and in the community
  • Coach’s decision based on competitive balance (ie: Having a backup wrestle at 74 lbs and having the 74 lbs starter bump to the 78lbs weight class to wrestle based on match-ups, while the 78lb starter goes without a match)
  • Opportunities to allow backups to get matches
  • Other Coaching decisions not specifically outlined here

Practice Structure: Dual Team practices are designed to focus on building a successful dual team. Wrestlers can expect dual team practices to be heavily focused on conditioning, critical thinking, live wrestling and situational wrestling.