Curriculum Outline
Coaches & Athlete Development Handbook (rev 2018)

How are the Lead Coaches Chosen?
The PMWC Coaching & Curriculum committee is responsible for identifying qualified candidates to be our lead coaches for each group, every year. Ideally, our lead coaches are experienced wrestlers, who understands our club’s goals and coaching philosophies.

Can I help coach?
Yes! Anyone who agrees to our coaching principals and can obtain the necessary background checks and certification listed here is welcome to help coach in the room.

I never wrestled in my life. Can I still help?
Absolutely! If you can help keep our wrestlers focused and on task, you will have helped us and the wrestlers out in the biggest of ways possible. As a bonus, you will get to learn about the sport and wrestling rules and moves along with your son or daughter.

I have a move, or a different way of doing something than what the Lead Coach is showing. 
Communication with the Lead Coach is paramount in the room. Our Lead Coaches are great teachers and people! They are open to learning and new suggestions. Offering up new view points is welcome. Communicate with the Lead Coach before or after practice or during a water break. Above all, don’t be discouraged if your idea isn’t used right away. Sometimes, additional information in the teaching process is counter-productive to the group as whole.